Let’s get into another band that was overshadowed by their hits. Sugar Ray is a pretty kick ass band when they aren’t leaning on Mark McGraths pretty face and lovely voice. Specifically, 14:59 delivers some really awesome tracks that are nothing what you’d expect.

Everyone knows the songs “Falls Apart”, “Someday”, and “Every Morning”. We’ve been hearing ’em on the radio for forever now. Not to say they aren’t bad songs, ‘cus they aren’t. I still enjoy Someday every now and then. But what makes this album good is what goes on in spite of these songs.

sugar ray

14:59 delivers some real hidden gems. Punk rock songs like Aim For Me propel the album forward into an entirely different genre of music we’re used to with Sugar Ray. Personal Space Invader and Glory are heavy deviations from what we’re used to with Sugar Ray. Opening track “New Direction” add in a sort of hard rock / metal influence that we didn’t even know Sugar Ray had the capabilities of. Well, if you had listened to their first 2 albums you would have known.

Sugar Ray seemed to be thrust into the spotlight after “Fly” became a huge success. Rightfully so, because it’s one hell of a catchy song. But the rest of their second album, Floored, is so much better, and so much more, than just their hit song. Such is the case with 14:59. The album title is a sort of tongue in cheek play on themselves. Saying they have about a minute left of their fifteen minutes of fame.

Sadly, the band seemed to abandon everything they’ve done except the pop rock tone and embraced themselves as such. Which is a shame because after hearing what they are capable of i’d be really excited to see what more they can do. Oh well. At least we have this little gem.

Notable Tracks:

Glory, Aim For Me, Personal Space Invader


– himynamesjeff