My pick this week came from a discussion we had on AsinineRadio a few weeks back about genres we’d like to see fused together. A mashup of the post-hardcore / EDM was touched upon. Eskimo Callboy, I think, fills this void.

These guys are from Germany and play around with some cool electronic-hardcore stuff. They have 4 albums and progress more and more into the electronic side with each album. Still giving props to their post-hardcore / metalcore roots, they rock pretty hard and throw in some nice breakdowns all while incorporating the electronic side of things.

Not sure who or where this small movement started but it seems to be popping up more and more. Some bands do it pretty damn well like Eskimo Callboy or I Set My Friends On Fire while others seem to be a little lackluster, notably Asking Alexandria.

Eskimo Callboy brings the energy no matter what they do. From their first album which is heavily metalcore to their latest album in 2017 which focuses more on the post-hardcore / electronic mashup, Eskimo Callboy never fall short of anything but energetic, fun music.


Seeing as this genre is still growing and developing I am happy and excited to see where it’s gunna go next. I enjoy Eskimo Callboy and the fact that they are still in the early development stages and can sort of steer this fad in almost any direction they want. Which is promising.

Notable Tracks:

MC Thunder, Muffin Purper-Gurk