Keeping with our Warped Tour theme we went with a band that holds a special place in our punk rock hearts. The three of us will never forget the first time we heard the band, and the lasting effect they have had since. The band is NoFx, and the album we went with is White Trash, Two Heebs and A Bean. This was the fourth album from the band, and the first to feature guitarist El Hefe. The album was released November 5, 1992 on Epitaph records. This was the album that introduced the world to the more “melodic” NoFx, and this is a good thing. While their earlier music isn’t bad at all, it’s something that can become stale and repetitive very fast. With the introduction of El Hefe came a person who wasn’t a part of the punk scene of the 80’s, and a huge breath of fresh air into the band. You might be saying “Well, uh. uh. Fat Mike writes all of the music. What does El Hefe do?”. From reading their book you  realize El Hefe was there to give pointers on how Fat Mike should be singing and harmonizing with other members. Hefe is also a pretty proficient guitar player, and this shows with many of the guitar parts and the overall tightness of the band. Going along with what NoFx does best you get classic punk rock songs like Soul Doubt, Stickin’ In Your Eye, You’re Bleeding, The Bag and Warm. With songs like Liza and Louise, Please Play This Song On The Radio, I Wanna Be Your Baby and She’s Gone you hear more of a playful and pop punk style being played. With the cover of Straight Edge by Minor Threat, or songs like Johnny Appleseed and Buggley Eyes you get a straightforward message of “Fuck what the punkers think and let’s have fun.” Overall, this is a fantastic album without any stinkers. You can listen to the album in full in the player’s below. If you want to hear more about the album, and everything else about NoFx. You should listen to Episode 60 of Asinine Radio. You can listen to the episode on this website, any podcast app, iTunes and SoundCloud. Prost!