At some point Five Iron Frenzy played warped tour, so in keeping with the theme of summer of ’17 here is FIF’s “Our Newest Album Ever”. Coming off their debut album Our Newest Album Ever takes a little of the punk style from their debut and kicks up the ska. A lot. This album is front to back what a good ska record should sound like. The straight forward two tones, the walking basslines, the silly lyrical content, and the catchy melodies. But it also comes in with some faster punk rock tracks that really round out this album as a whole.

FIF, to some, may be a little off pudding because of their beliefs. But we gotta just put aside words and take the feeling the words are describing. The feeling the music is providing and trying to make us feel.


Dissecting a ska band may seem sort of weird because we’re so used to the silly, fun, lyrics of countless third wave ska pioneers, but it’s something to be said when a band can really delve into personal feelings and be truly self reflective.

I love this album. This is definitely a top 15 of all time for me. And that’s saying a lot. There is a little something for everyone in here. FIF has shown quite a bit of versatility in their day. From punk to ska to rock they can really do a lot of things, musically. If you’re looking to listen to a thinking man’s ska album then pick this up. You’re gunna like what you hear, I guarantee it.

Notable Tracks

Where Is Micah?, Superpowers, Every New Day



– himynamesjeff