Another band from Warped Tour comin’ atcha! This time it’s a little different. I really try my best to not shit on any band I listen to. Especially if they aren’t well established and sort of new. With that said, the easiest way I can explain the sound of Sarah and the Safe Word is a less exciting Panic! At The Disco.

This band definitely had the right sound going for them. They have the big band sound going on, the catchy music, and the melodic singing that is easy to follow along. The problem, for me, is they just don’t seem to be any different from Panic!. Because of that it’s hard to take the music at face value because of the automatic comparison my brain does!

Their album starts off with an intro and sort of introduces the album in such a light that you’d think what you are about to hear is ground breaking and super original. Unfortunately, the album really doesn’t match the hype they put on themselves from the intro.

If I could find a silver lining in this it’s the song You’re The Sort Of Man I Like. Even though it’s a bit goofy and corny I really enjoyed this track. It’s a love song, sort of. Kinda pokes fun at itself and has a pretty cool throwback tune. A sort of old showtune or vaudeville influence.

Anyway, if you really dig Panic! At The Disco and are looking for something similar then check this out. It’ll be what you’re looking for.

Notable Tracks

You’re The Sort Of Man I Like


– himynamesjeff