Warped Tour all summer! This weeks pick is the female lead, hard rockers, Bad Seed Rising. These young kids have some real great stuff going for them. They had some help with their EP from Chris Shiflett and are one of the youngest bands on Warped Tour.

The singing style is sort of a cross between Hayley Williams and Courtney Love. Take it or leave it. I really dig the vocals and the range that plays with the instrumentals. Having young talent on Warped is a great thing. Not only do we get to enjoy some new, energetic, innovative music but we also get to watch the band sort of grow up, musically and physically. Maybe that’s just my own personal, 30 year old, observation.

I personally didn’t dig their 2016 LP release but that’s not without the respect I give them for putting out a full length before they can even legally drink. I don’t think the album has any real strong stand out songs and sort of bleeds together into a long mashed up rock record. Each individual shines in some capacity. I wished there was a little more variety and a little less “let’s close our eyes and just rock”. I feel when grooving gets a little too comfortable it ceases to be adventurous and loses it’s intentions.

Anywho, check these kids out. They definitely rock and have a lot of potential. Like I said, it will be fun to watch these kids grow up.


– himynamesjeff