Some exciting things happened this week. Soooo, LET’S GO!

Tom Delonge (Blink182, Angels & Airwaves) casts the lead roles for his new movie Strange Times. Read a bit more ABOUT IT HERE.

A Day To Remember are going on tour with Mooseblood and Wage War, and the TOUR DATES ARE HERE.

Looks like John Fuiscante (ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers) is releasing his second Acid House album on September 8, and you can read MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

Bayside have announced the 10th anniversary tour for the album The Walking Wounded, and you can CHECK OUT THE TOUR DATES HERE.

Unfortunately, local hardcore band Death By Stereo have had to cancel upcoming tour due to lead singer Efrem coming down with an illness.

Yoko Ono has received songwriting credit for the John Lennon song “Imagine”.

Gene Simmons is attempting to register trademark the devil horns hand gesture.

Forgotify, a way to find songs on Spotify that have zero plays, and Spotify have reached 140 million active users.

According to our sources The Ryan will have a surprise release of a new song very soon. In the meantime, check out his latest release below.


Green Day releases a “nostalgic” video for their newer song Revolution Radio. Check it out below.


Queens Of The Stone Age have released new song “The Way We Used To Do” off of their upcoming new album out August 25. Listen to it below.


Ice Cube has released a controversial new song and video called “Good Cop Bad Cap”. Watch and listen below.


This is a great video that Ernie Ball made with Tom Dumont (No Doubt) about the early days, and how he got into playing guitar. Watch below.