To write a piece on The Beatles’ most iconic, nay, rock’s most iconic, album is almost a lesson in futility. There are endless reviews, pieces, synopsis, conspiracy theories, and more about Sgt. Peppers that just adding to the machine seems pointless. But whatevs, I’ll do it anyway. ‘Cus this will be better. Obviously.

Sgt. Peppers is so important to rock music that music lovers of all shapes and sizes appreciate the album for what it did. Personally, I may not thoroughly enjoy all the tracks from the album but I understand the concept and the impact the album had on the music industry at the time.

The Beatles had already made a name for themselves and even pushed their limits prior to this album. But to fully commit to an album and theme behind it was something that takes more than a change in tone, it took courage.

sgt peppers 2

From the cover art to the costumes, Sgt. Peppers threw out a concept album that has been copied and inspired countless musicians. At a time when The Beatles were already risque, by creating a pseudonym for themselves they were able to achieve what we take for granted today. To completely change tone, sound, structure, and songwriting was seen as silly and too risky to be sane. Follow a format that works, something radio friendly that will play, and keep it around or under 3 minutes seemed to be the standard for anyone writing songs.

Enter Sgt. Peppers. Enter a new beginning of music and musicians pushing themselves to become something greater.

Notable Tracks

With A Little Help From My Friends, When I’m Sixty Four, A Day In The Life