This week’s album comes locally from Anaheim’s own No Doubt. No Doubt is a fan favorite for almost anyone living in Orange County.  They went from 0 to 100 almost over night. Less than 500k record sales from their first to albums to going over 16 million for Tragic Kingdom, No Doubt showed not only their hometown, but the world, that a female led group can achieve anything that the boys can.

Gwen Stefani, since then, has risen even higher to become more than “Just A Girl” from No Doubt and stepping into the corporate world with clothing lines, make up, and other world wide products. She has done solo music, collaborated with some of music’s finest, and bridged a cultural phenomenon from Japan to USA.

no doubt 2

Tragic Kingdom is easily No Doubt’s best album. By far. It helped pave the way for not only the third wave ska movement but also brought the fusion into the lime light. No Doubt also showed that girls can do the same thing as boys can, and even better! Gwen and No Doubt were instantly an iconic example for the movement, in the music “biz”, to take a step in the right direction of destroying the glass ceiling and taking away from the over saturated male music industry.

But let’s not overlook the album itself ‘cus it’s better than good. Gwen had to step up song writing duties for this album since her brother, and lead songwriter, left before the release of this album. Which she did, better than anyone could have imagined.