This episode of Three Bubs Spit Game saw us all playing Red Dead Redemption. This was a game I have always heard great things about but never got around to playing. Thanks to the boys over at 3BSG we got to dive deep and see what we thought of Mr. Mardsen and the wild, wild, west!

Firstly, this is a western game. Everything about this game screams Man With No Name era. The story follows a Mr. James Mardsen who goes from zero to hero throughout the west. Fighting for his family and his past transgressions you embark on journey throughout the lands to run errands for the unscrupulous government fat cats.

It’s interesting to look back on a game and still see the similarities to current social commentary and news. Red Dead holds nothing back in showcasing the distaste for the government and what they are doing. Mardsen is repeatedly lied to and shit on by said government. In a fateful turn of events the game ends with some sad but necessary actions.

Red Dead 2

Riding on my horse through the lands while listening to some seriously cool campfire guitars was one of the best parts of the game. A sort of relaxed connection with the lawlessness felt too familiar and comfortable.

My only real gripe about the game was how mean and annoying Mardsen’s wife was. She never stopped getting after the guy. Sheesh.

Other than her, this game is perfect. The music, the environment, the people, and the missions all felt natural and balanced. I deeply look forward to Red Dead 2.