My pick this week comes all the way from Austria! Another synthesis of some awesome genres of music! These guys fuse some pretty badass stuff together. A mix of ska, polka, punk rock, and traditional Russian music this is exactly what you probably think it is, awesome.

Think Rammstein. But fun and not as creepy. Even though Rammstein kicks ass too. Russkaja has four albums out and an EP with some cover songs. They cover the song “Wake Me Up” by Avicii and it elevates this song into something truly magical. It’s fun, melodic, and has a certain je ne sais quoi.

russkaja 3

Not only does Russkaja sport a love for their local music they fuse it with American pop culture. The song “Change” talks about the assimilation of Western culture and becoming semi depressed because of it. Not only does the song reference numerous American staples (Route 66, McDonalds) it also briefly samples the song “Pretty Woman” in such a subtle way that you don’t even catch on until it’s gone.

The little nuances of this band are what makes it great. They sing in Russian, English, and even Spanish. They know music and judging by their live performances they know fun. Sometimes with bands with over 5 members the instruments can sometimes drown out and become lost in the noise that is the band. But every member has an integral part to play in the cohesiveness that is Russkaja. It is that perfection that Russkaja elevates themselves above simplicity and becomes something deeper and even more fun to listen to.

Notable Tracks

Wake Me Up, Hammer Drive, Change