I chose William Onyeabor after watching the Amoeba Records “What’s In My Bag” video with AFI. Hunter, the bassist for the band had picked up one of William Onyeabor’s albums stating he had just recently heard about William after he had passed away in January of this year. I decided to seek out Mr. Onyeabor’s music, and liked what I heard. I primarily focused on the compilation that was released back in 2013 (Listen in the players below). I’ve always been into World and African music, and this isn’t something ground breaking within those genres. It’s definitely a good listen because it has that African vibe mixed with a bit of Funk and Jazz. I’ll definitely be keeping him in my rotation. If you like World music or even guys like Fela Kuti, I’m sure you’ll dig William Onyeabor. Check the players below to listen. Enjoy!