The Movielife are an east coast punk rock band. Fronted by Vinny Caruana, they play some pretty good punk rock music. Forming in the late 90’s and eventually breaking up in 2003 The Movielife gained a pretty big following. I think that Vinny has a lot to do the success of the band by his personality and his songwriting.

His deeper, raspy voice adds a legitimacy to the punk inspired music they play. Blending emo rock with fast tempo punk music isn’t easy, especially in an unforgiving east coast punk rock scene. Because of their sound and energy the band was able to co exist in different genres of music such as the punk scene or the emo scene.

In their latter days, The Movielife weaned a bit from their faster, harder roots and started down a more softer emo route. Not to say that “Forty Hour Train Back To Pen” is a vast departure from “This Time Next Year” but it definitely loses some momentum.


“This Time Next Year” is absolutely the magnum opus of this band. The album is true blue punk rock. The amount of energy put forth from front to back is non stop and at no point did I feel bored or uninterested. The Movielife is great band for anyone who is a fan of early 2000’s emo music or good punk rock. I fear that Vinny’s attachment to The Movielife will mean an eventual breakup for his other band, I Am The Avalanche, which I will write about at a later time. For now, check these guys out. They’re fun. They’re loud. And they’re true.

Notable Tracks:

Single White Female, Another Friend, Kelly Song