My pick this week is a bit of a throwback. After so much talk about John Feldmann and why Blink’s California was a sort of let down I started to remember the good times I’ve had with Feldmann. Goldfinger’s first two albums are great. I go back and forth with which I like more and at this point in my life I lean toward their self titled.

The album came out in the early ’90’s when third wave ska was becoming popular. Thanks to bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones the genre really inspired others to further marry the punk scene with the ska mentality. Come Goldfinger.


Goldfinger isn’t really a ska band and they really aren’t a punk band either. They can do both masterfully and bounce around from genre to genre throughout their album. Song’s like Answers, King For A Day, and My Girlfriend’s Shower Sucks shows they can do the melodic ska thing while songs like The City With Two Faces and Miles Away showcase their ability to make fast, punk inspired music.

They bounce around throughout the album from ska punk to more pop punk stuff. The album as a whole is a little less polished than their later releases. John Feldmann’s songwriting is pretty basic but the dude knows how to write some catchy tunes. This is a must listen for anyone who likes ska or is interested in the third wave ska movement of the early ’90’s. And the album has a super funny phone conversation…Jerky Boys style.

Notable Tracks:

Miles Away, Here In Your Bedroom, King For A Day