If you’re like me then the first time you heard Goldfinger was when you were doing a triple kickflip or a primo grind over the streets of San Fran. Superman was the first song I ever heard from Goldfinger and instantly became a all time favorite song. The album it came from, Hang Ups, also became an instant classic for myself.

Hang Ups came off the coattails of their self titled album and initially didn’t go as expected. The biggest single from their self titled did better than the first single, This Lonely Place, on Hang Ups. Then, two years later a little game called Tony Hawks Pro Skater showcased the song Superman and helped thrust Goldfinger into stardom.

Upon deeper inspection the album draws many similarities to their first album such as the blending of ska and punk mid song but Hang Ups is a bit more polished. The guitar tones are more solid and the clean tones perfectly match the writing style. The album’s flow starts off with heavy ska sounds then goes into the punk thing Goldfinger does and in the latter half of the album goes back into ska.


Hang Ups took everything good from their self titled and just made it more mature. Carlita really takes the ska sound and blends it with a smooth, almost polka-like, sound that rolls from the bass line and the two tone sound ska lovers know and appreciate.

Goldfinger really dialed in the ska sound they wanted with this one but also showed they can still be fast and hard. Question and S.M.P. serve as reminders that Goldfinger is a bit more than just a one trick pony. If you’re in the mood for some smooth ska infused punk music then give this a listen. Just do it.

Notable Tracks:

Superman, Carlita, Disorder