Here at Asinine Radio we don’t normally badmouth too many things. Mostly because we don’t spend time reviewing things that don’t already interest us. However, this beer was a pretty disappointing. You see, reviewing a good beer is easy; just sing it’s praises all day. Reviewing a bad beer is easy; just shit on it. The hard reviews are the mediocre ones because you really just don’t have a lot to say. Such is the case here.

Brewed by Sam Adam’s, Hopscape is an American Style Wheat Ale. Normally, I am a pretty big fan of what Sam Adam’s puts out. Their coffee stout is/was delicious, their Octoberfest is delicious, and their flagship beer, Boston Lager, is a good throw around beer. But damn, this Hopscape was disappointing.


It wasn’t so much the beer itself but more so the expectations. I compare it to an unstoppable basketball team narrowly coming away with a win against the worst in the league. Ya, they won, but you can do better. This beer could have done better. The hops used don’t really come through, there wasn’t any defining taste. It was just…bleh.

The hop varieties used are: Zeus, Centennial, Citra, and Chinook. With the ABV at 5.5% and the IBUs at 30 this is just a pretty forgettable beer. I am more of a fan of American Wheat Ales over other styles, mostly because of the yeasty aftertaste some wit biers leave you with. If plain ol’ beers is your thing then check out Hopscape. If you prefer something with a little more taste then steer clear.

To make matters worse, I bought this shit for my home kegerator so I had to drink 5 gallons of it. Damn.