One of the first albums I ever got (back from Kazaa; DON’T STEAL MUSIC) was AFI’s Very Proud of Ya. The album instantly became a staple in my music rotation for years to come. The hardcore punk sound they put out in their first several albums was great. Their first album, Answer that and Stay Fashionable, definitely shows the potential the band had and the direction they wanted to go.

Each album AFI has put out has evolved into something just a little bit different. There is usually a fan of AFI for each album or “era” they put out. Whether you be the fan of their “earlier stuff” or the progressive rock they are currently putting out. I don’t have a whole lot of negative things to say about this band. They have released some amazing stuff. Although I don’t particularly like their most recent releases I can find solace in Havok’s melodies which have always been something unique and engaging. Should also be noted that they have had the same lineup since the late 90’s which is always cool.


The playlist I compiled isn’t necessarily a chronological list of releases by date I did include some big changes in sound. These are definitely my 10 favorite songs by AFI and I’ve tried to string them together in a cohesive way that flows and showcases their various styles. So sit back and enjoy the melodies.

 You can listen to my playlist by clickin’ on this sentance. Or this one.