For our review this week our lovely guest, Annie, decided we should revisit the White Stripes’ latest album “Icky Thump”. It’s always a treat to have guests on our podcasts because they sort of break up the monotony of the show and allow us to go back to music we may have forgot or aren’t giving enough love to. Icky Thump definitely falls into those categories.

Icky Thump was released in 2007, 10 years ago! The title track definitely has relevance to our nation’s current political and social troubles. The album feels like a throwback to their first album “White Blood Cells” in the gritty guitar playing, the song structure, and the vocal delivery. Little Cream Soda reminded me so much of their earlier stuff. But throwing back to the earlier days of the White Stripes isn’t the only thing that was great about this album. Their progressive sound also stood out. Meg’s drumming, as always, fit perfectly to what Jack White wanted to achieve. Her innocent, unadulterated, basic drumming style pairs so well with Jack White’s play style it ain’t even funny.


The White Stripes have always put out above quality work…always. Every record is not only worth a listen but there is something for everyone over the course of their career. Every album they’ve done has taken individual styles and perfected it. Icky Thump just took ’em all and made ’em better. Be it blues rock, celtic, or heavy rock, this album has it all. I guarantee if you are reading this you have heard at least 1 White Stripe song. Guarantee. If you haven’t then your’e stupid.


Tyler – 8.5

Annie – 9

Jeff – 8

Notable Tracks

Rag and Bone, Icky Thump, Little Cream Soda