For far too long have I poo pooed the Misfits. My distaste probably stemmed from the constant feuding, the silly costumes, and Jerry Only’s terrible singing. But, there was a time when these guys pulled off something quite special. Enter Static Age.

Static Age is kind of their first / third album. Because of distribution problems they released some songs early on then the full album much later. Which leads to the lore of Misfits. Danzig was a maniac in the beginning with marketing his own band and relentless in his pursuit to make it big and it definitely paid off.

Static Age blew me away. Made me embarrassed at how long I’ve missed out on not only this gem but a lot of the material Misfits has put out. In their Danzig years Misfits achieved this perfect blend of the crooning vocals of the 50’s and in-yo-face tone of pure punk.

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Songs like Angelfuck come to mind when thinking of their capabilities, vocally. The song sounds like it could have come from anybody outta the 50’s, minus the lyrics. Other tracks like Hybrid Moments show us that they can really write a catchy tune, but keep it straight punk, that big bands cover still today.

Listening the entirety of Misfits discography it’s easy to dismiss the band after Danzig stopped singing with them but if you haven’t done so already go back and listen to everything that Danzig has been a part of. It truly is something special.

– himynamesjeff