One of the mic’s we use shit the bed for the first part of the pod, but made a full recovery by the time we got to the Album Of The Week. This is a special episode because we welcome back The Ryan to get into the Backstreet Boys album Millenium. We start with our Fearless Beer Review. Songs Of The Week include some great 90’s jams including OMC, Cher, The Counting Crows and Ricky Martin. We round out the show with new music and other goings on in the music world.

START – 0:11:12  Intro, Fearless Beer Review
0:11:12 – 0:35:30 Songs Of The Week
0:35:31 – 1:26:04  Backstreet Boys album Millenium
1:26:05 – END   New Music and Other Stuffs

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