Podcast Episode 111

Here at Asinine Radio we like to dive deep into the goodies. This time we plunged head first into the first live album we’ve done here and tackled Me First And The Gimme Gimmie’s live album “Ruin Johnny’s Bar Mitzvah”.

If you don’t know the Gimmies then you should check em out ‘cus they are a little bit different. The self proclaimed greatest cover band in the word crash a Ba Mitzvah with a butt load of songs that would impress any boy becoming a man.


Some highlight songs for me were Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass”, Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time”, and Tanya Tucker’s “Delta Dawn”. Each song brought the original feeling and concept and modernized it into some perfect punk rock. That’s not to say all cover songs on this album are created equal. While the aforementioned songs were great others were great because of their good intentions. “Stairway To Heaven” is a prime example where a seemingly impossible song to cover is done so and butchered to death. There are mistakes made, the cover song doesn’t really flow, and the changes seem forced. But it’s great because that’s what this band does and that’s what punk is all about!

It’s also important to note these guys had about 4 days of rehearsal prior to this show and while listening to the album it shows. The mess ups, the tempos are off, and the overall banter make this album a must listen to for fans of fun. And Bar Mitzvahs.

– himynamesjeff