Podcast Episode 105

After a strange week I found myself listening to a lot of Everclear. And not just Santa Monica, although that song spurred the brief obsession, but a lot of Everclear’s material. So, naturally, we did their biggest album, So Much For The Afterglow as our album of the week!

Before this week, I had not heard many of these songs. We all know “Father Of Mine” so I won’t go too far into the big tracks, but lemme tell ya, this album wasn’t half bad! The title track “So Much For The Afterglow” starts off with a Beach Boys type vocal harmony that leads straight into a fast paced, 90’s alt rock jam song! Cool beans!

Most of the album is pretty melodic and straight forward as you’d expect Everclear to be. “I Will Buy You A New Life” is another popular song that blew up the charts back in day. What kinda sorta set Everclear apart is lead singer Art Alexakis’s odd vocal delivery. It’s sort of off paced of the guitar melody and just wanders along finding itself at the conclusion of each verse.


Not all of the album is full of cliched, 90’s, alt rock riffs. The consensus on our pod came about with the song “Amphetamine”. This track was a banger! A straight up punk rock track almost in the vein of some great Weezer.

What brought me around to Everclear was Art and his childhood life. I highly encourage everyone to read the inspiring story of the frontman’s journey to stardom. His past experiences and views on such experiences actually shed more light unto most of Everclear’s music. So check ’em out yo!

– himynamesjeff