For our historic 100th episode we invited The Ryan back to talk about NSYNC’s album No Strings Attached. We start the show out with our Fearless Beer Review of AC/DC’s Rock or Bust Beer, and a huge shout out. The Music REC’s include Nicki Minaj – Bed, Hanson – MMBOPP and 5ive – When The Lights Go Out. Check below for a breakdown of the show if you decide to skip around.

START – 0:08:09  Intro, Fearless Beer Review, Shout Out
0:08:10 – 0:21:52 Music REC’s Nicki Minaj, Hanson, 5ive
0:21:53 – 1:07:32  NSYNC album No Strings Attached
1:07:33 – FINISH  Music News

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