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This is the third album by My Chemical Romance, and was released in 2006. It’s considered to be their rock opera, but it really isn’t that epic. It might be an unpopular opinion, but this album is mediocre at best. Especially in regard to Gerard Way’s vocals.

The band and record label marketed this album in a very dramatic way. One tactic used to deceive was by hiring people to wear black cloaks with signs, and stand around various music venues. There was also countless ads promoting the album on MTV and local radio. Unfortunately, Jeff and I bought into the hype and purchased the CD the day it was released. At the time I remember liking it quite a bit. Looking back after not listening to it in full for almost ten years, I was horribly wrong. The album starts off promising with the songs “The End”, “Dead”, and “This is How I Disappear”.


The albums concept of telling the story of a man’s death, and what happens to him in the afterlife is an interesting thing. Unfortunately, the songs were lackluster and tired. The real stinkers of the album include, “I Don’t Love You”, “Sleep”, and “Disenchanted”. With these songs I get the feeling that they could have been bad b-side’s from Green Day’s album “American Idiot”.


The bands biggest hit, “Welcome To The Black Parade” was one of the higher points of the album. Although, I could really do without the first two minutes of the song. The video is a little much, too. Check it out below if you haven’t already seen it.


I don’t have a lot of positive things to say about the album, and I’m sure most disagree with my thoughts on it. Some of the better songs on the album are “House Of Wolves” and “Teenagers”. You can listen to them on the Spotify player below. Also, listen to Episode 97 of Asinine Radio to hear us really talk about the the highs and lows of the album.


-Tyler (0equalz2)