We get into it briefly with the beer we’re drinking this week. Our Music Quickies for the week include the 70’s inspired band Greta Van Fleet, and Ska favorites Catch 22. That leads into Jeff’s experience at the recent Pennywise show. Of course we get into some music news including Thom Yorke, Eminem, Five Finger Death Punch, Jimi Hendrix, YouTube, Punk Rock Bowling, Blink 182, Josh Homme and Misfits. We then round out the show with the classic Yellowcard album One For The Kids. Check Below!!

Start – 0:06:39  Intro and Beer Talk
0:06:40 – 0:25:08  Music Quickies, Pennywise Show and Punk Rock Talk
0:25:09 – 0:48:00  Music News
0:48:01 – 1:01:46  Spotify and Google End Of Year Lists
1:01:47 – End        Yellowcard album One For The Kids

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