We get into it this week. Our Music Quickies include Jeff’s special curated Spotify playlist (Check AsinineRadio.com for the link), and Scientist. We also have new album releases from Big Dumb Face, the new song from Turnstile, Weezer news and a whole lot more. Our album of the week is the Red Hot Chili Pepper classic album Californication. We also have some surprises along the way.

Start – 0:12:10 Intro and Beer Talk
0:12:11 – 0:41:18 Music Quickies including Jeff’s “Great” playlist, and Scientist
0:41:19 – 0:55:44 Music News
0:55:45 – 1:11:30 Question Of The Week
1:11:31 – END Red Hot Chili Pepper’s album Californication

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