My pick this week is the Alt Rock, kinda children’s group, They Might Be Giants. Most will probably know them as the guys who did the theme song to the TV show Malcolm in the Middle. Others, who have kids, will recognize them as the guys who do the theme song to The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Either way, they write catchy, quirky, fun music.

My first introduction to them came as the song Particle Man. One of the first songs I learned to play and sing on the guitar in it’s entirety. I have been listening for quite a long time and enjoy the Violent Femme esq lyrical style and melody set up.


TMBG excel at creating super catchy songs and keeping the lyrics basic and fun. Who doesn’t wanna hear a song about looking both ways before crossing the street?! Over the years they have released many albums and have even ventured out into some other genres and styles.

Its unfortunate that because of their current reputation as being a children’s band they don’t get a lot of respect. They do know how to write some really rad music. I think everyone should try and check them out because there is something for everyone with these guys!

So check em out. Check out Particle Man. Check out my playlist. Check out Malcolm in the Middle. Check out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Check out a book at your local library so they don’t get shut down.



– himynamesjeff