This week we talk about the Eminem freestyle on BET, Wes Borland’s new music (Big Dumb Face), a new Green Day Greatest Hits album and what’s going on in the Tom Delonge world with his company To The Stars. Our Music Quick Picks for the week include 8Bit Misfits and Dick Dale. The final portion of the show is about the The Mars Volta album De-loused In The Comatorium. We also sprinkled in some Soccer and Star Wars for your listening pleasure.

0:00:00-0:04:30 Intro and beer talk
0:04:31-0:18:25 Music Quick Picks
0:18:26-0:48:47 Music News
0:48:48-0:55:19 Quick soccer talk
0:55:20-1:19:49 Heated Star Wars talk
1:19:50- END. The Mars Volta’s De-loused In The Comatorium

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