At first I thought this was an all female group. The long hair and fair skin fooled me at first. Well, they aren’t. But whatevs. The first song I heard by Jule Vera was Scarlett Letter and it was so damn good. Reminded me of Regina Spektor, and shit, we all know how much I like her music! Scarlett Letter was great. Soft, passionate vocals and a piano. But what really captivated me was the sound of the piano. A sort of acoustic  sound to it. Similar to a true acoustic recording of a guitar when you can hear the fingers on the strings. You could hear the keys being hit and the pedals being stomped on. Good stuff.

Then I moved onto the rest of their music. And the best way I can paint a picture of what the music sounded like is something off a soundtrack to a knock off, feel good, Disney movie. Tyler compared it to the less known Michelle Branch songs. Which sucks because that Scarlett Letter song was so cool!

I can only hope that these kids can find the magic they did with Scarlett Letter and recreate that into an entire album. Don’t need a whole album of acoustic piano and vocals just need to be moved the way I was with Scarlett Letter. Jule Vera, to me, has some amazing members and seemingly endless potential. Just hope they can live up to it.

– himynamesjeff