Winding down with our Warped Tour picks I come across this oddly intriguing 2 / 3 piece group “The Fantastic Plastics”. On the surface, they seem to be something that should have been left behind in the latter part of the 80’s. But dig a little deeper and you find some actually fun and quirky lyrics.

The duo originally come from Illinois but relocated to NY. Now, self proclaimed as the “Future of the future”. Mixing a sort of new wave with electro style they come up with their own unique sound. Throw in Sci-Fi inspired lyrics and themes and you have yourself The Fantastic Plastics.

On the surface that may sound intriguing enough right? I was too. However, I just couldn’t keep my attention involved after one or two songs. The music seems to bleed into one and doesn’t have a discernible sound between songs. What does capture the attention is the amount of work that is put into their non musical endeavors.

Much like the Gorillaz, The Fantastic Plastics like to put on a video show of semi-epic proportion. With the use of lights, projectors, costumes, and other relevant shenanigans they actually put one quite an interesting stage show.

Now, I’m not one for this type of music. Lord knows the 80’s were probably my least favorite decade (besides my birth of course) but The Fantastic Plastics are definitely something I’d check out at Warped Tour.

Interesting side not, in my prolific amount of research I came across a Japanese DJ by the name of “Fantastic Plastic Machine”. Don’t think there is any connection whatsoever, just thought it was interesting. Enjoi!


– himynamesjeff