My Warped Tour pick veered off of the rock realm and dove into the hip hop scene. Enter Sammy Adams. Sammy Adams is Boston’s Boy. So he says. Coming from Boston and seemingly having a lot of pride in it, like everyone else that’s from Boston. But I like that. Boston has always given us passion. A different sort of passion than places like NY or Texas gives.

Anyway, Sammy Adams was a kind of breath of fresh air in the long series of Warped Tour bands we’ve been doing. While not the greatest thing I’ve ever heard I did enjoy listening to something I normally get from the likes of Shwayze or Asher Roth.

adams cover

Sammy Adams talks a lot about drinking and partying, which is standard practice nowadays, but throws in actual melodies. Better than any mumble rap shit I’ve heard in years and a good hip hop album that is laid back and easy to listen to.

I really did enjoy this guy and it would be cool to see him at Warped Tour. Probably wouldn’t go out of my way to see a show of just him but I’d definitely make it a point to watch his set at the festival. So, if your’e like me and tired of boring Warped Tour bands check this guy out. Not a life changer but just something a little different to break up the monotony that can be Warped Tour.

Notable Tracks

All Night Longer



– himnamesjeff