So often I find myself shying away from punk bands because I find the boring and alike. Far too often bands revel in their own feeling of self righteousness because of their DIY record release, and their political woes. But really, they’re all the same. Ya’ll sound the same and play the same music.

Enter Bad Cop, Bad Cop. Firstly, this is a band made up of all females. And they rock harder than most punk bands that I’ve heard in a long time. Secondly, they keep the traditional punk sound. They keep the fast paced, rambunctious, tempos and more importantly incorporate some real societal issues. Bad Cop, Bad Cop bring up some great issues concerning women not only in music but in our society as a whole.

But they don’t just sing about the problems they care about they genuinely care about them. Unlike a lot of other poser fuckin’ punk bands that take a political side because it’s the cool thing to do or it’s what punk is “supposed” to be.

If you’d like to get a little closer to the girls of Bad Cop, Bad Cop you should check out the 3 Gigs podcast featuring co vocalist Stacey Dee. It’s a good listen and sheds a little more light on the girls of Bad Cop, Bad Cop.

If you’re looking for a fresh start into punk of the 2010’s then please check them out. I know it gets tiring hearing the same shit but trust me, this band kicks ass.

Notable Tracks

Womanarchist, Nightmare, Anti Lovesong


– himynamesjeff