Pirate rock music! Yargh! But seriously, these guys play pirate rock music. So sick. What really separated this band from other pirate rock music was their ability to really incorporate metal and hard rock.

Ya, they do a whole lot of the pirate shanty stuff, which is flagship for pirate rock (flagship, get it?) but the shanties take up the position of first mate in this band. The metal is the cap’n! Going from singing shanties of drinking rum and being a pirate right into some fast paced metal sounds a little counter intuitive but Alestorm really bring the heat. The guitars are heavy and melodic. The drums keep up but still give the sound of swashbuckling fun.

Alestorm come all the way from Scotland and have been around for quite a bit. They are signed to Napalm records, which is the same label as some other Asinine Radio picks such as: Russkaja and Valient Thorr. Being mentioned in the same sentence as Valient Thorr is good enough for me!

This band is just fun. No other way to put it. Fun lyrics, fun music, fun concept. I get it that having a shtick can be seen as silly and inventive but to that I say, relax. Get off your high horse and just enjoy something out of your ordinary bland music. If your’e looking for some fast paced, rum inspired music then Alestorm arrrrr your guys. Ok last pirate joke.

Notable Tracks:

Mexico, Keelhauled, Fucked With An Anchor


– himynamesjeff