So, my pick this week came kind of late in the week when I was scrolling through Facebook. Coming across a friend, who always posts pretty boss videos, I played the video she posted. The video ended up triggering some major feels for me and I thought I’d share.

Mandy Harvey’s story alone warranted her to be my weekly pick. I love a story where someone overcomes some hard times and just says “fuck it”, imma do me. Which is what she did. After losing her hearing she went through some hard times, as anyone can only imagine, but came back stronger and is now an amazing singer / songwriter.

The video that caught my attention is posted below. It came about when she was a contestant on “America’s Got Talent”. Her composure, her cheerfulness, and her confidence set the stage for something that we knew would be better than good. Her voice and her passion was something I normally only feel from the likes of Peggy Lee or Regina Spektor.

Mandy Harvey has several albums out and it’s a shame I’ve only come across her now. In a world of “overproduction” (as co-host Tyler always says) it’s always such a relief to come across someone who still has heart and makes music for the love of it. Someone who can step up in front of an audience and through a 2 minute segment achieve something bigger than anything Lil’ Yachty has ever done. ‘Cus that guy is ridiculous.

Check this girl out. She’s great.