After Tyler said something about Radiohead being boring or something I had to step in and give my favorite album by these dudes. Kid A kicks ass.

Coming off the success of OK Computer, Radiohead really delved into their own personal psyche and pulled out exactly the noise that was bouncing around. Going for a more electronic sound, Kid A, departed, slightly, from the norm and really showed that Radiohead can go deeper, musically. The heavy tone of the opening track, Everything In It’s Right Place, sets an atmospheric and eclectic mood that never lets up throughout the entire album. An actual melody doesn’t even really appear until the third track, The National Anthem.

It’s important to note that the inspiration for Kid A could have come from a near collapse from the constant touring and success of OK Computer. Kid A lacked real advertisement and actually took to the internet to promote. This is the internet from the year 2000 mind you. If you’re old enough to even remember those days.

Kid A changes so much, musically, by adding in many elements that weren’t explored prior to Radiohead. Orchestral arrangements, drum machines, and heavy brass instruments are what makes this album, to me, their best.

It’s strange, really, because I’m not a huge fan of Radiohead as a whole. Some songs here and there but this album is by and far one of my favorite albums of any band. This is Radiohead’s Pinkerton. ‘Nuff Said.


Notable Tracks

Everything In It’s Right Place, The National Anthem, Morning Bell