This week Tyler and I found ourselves expanding ourselves and reaching out to some other genres of music. My pick is the New York born Trombonist.

My first introduction to Willie came when I worked at a local music store. Since then, I’ve had a secret desire to learn the trombone. This guy kills it on the ‘ol sackbut. His debut album “El Malo” is seriously fit for the gods.

Colon plays traditional New York inspired music…salsa! Taken heavily from Latin Jazz, salsa incorporates many of the same features. Colon ups the ante by taking a huge part in his local heritage and became a sort of spokesperson for the Puerto Rican influence in and around New York.

The music Colon throws out isn’t exclusively traditional salsa music but fused with jazz and even contemporary rock of the time. His strong outspoken beliefs for his Puerto Rican heritage positively effect his music in such he has collaborated with some of the genres top musicians. Grouping up with the Domincan started Bachata sound, Colon has really created something that everyone can enjoy. Hardcore salsa dancers and casual jazz fans can now unite under one artist and share what can only be described as amazing.

I encourage anyone reading this to give El Malo a listen. The bass lines roll and drive the urge to get up and dance. The trombone breaks the barrier for a type of music I don’t even really enjoy all that much. If this album doesn’t make you wanna dance, or at the very least make ya tap yer foot, then I can’t help your lost soul. But for real. Check it out.


Notable Tracks

Jazzy, El Malo, Chonqui