This week I chose Hip Hop artist Sage Francis.  Coming from Providence and specializing in a more refined, underground, sound, Sage Francis brings something to the table that current Hip Hop so desperately needs. Not only is his material creative but his spoken word poetry is clever and heartfelt.

Hip Hop seems to be taken over by a genre of mumble rappers and a weak second wave gangster rap but Sage Francis reminds us what it means to be a rapper and a poet. His spoken word poetry is inspiring to anyone who’s ever dreamed of becoming one. His free style rapping has actually won him major rap battles on the east coast and his over all attitude toward the “system” that is current hip hop resembles more that of a punk band than it does a rapper.

Personal Journals is my favorite album by Sage Francis. I also think it’s a good starting point for anyone trying to get into his music. The album features almost everything he does as far as styles. There’s spoken word, rapping, even him singing a song to an acoustic guitar. The album is more emo than what we are used to with hip hop artists. The issues he raps about are more grounded than major rappers and resonate with the everyday fan. His word play on “Crack Pipes” sets the tone for his album and is one of his most popular songs. The spoken word song “Hopeless” shows the hopeless romantic side of him and lets us see the potentially hurt, scared, vulnerable emotional side to him.

If you like hip hop, or hate the hip hop that dominates our airwaves and our society then give this dude a try. Definitely a breath of fresh air in the polluted world of hip hop.

Notable Tracks:

Hopeless, My Name Is Strange, Crack Pipes


– himynamesjeff