My pick this week stemmed from my pick last week. They sorta go hand in hand with each other. That said, if you didn’t like last week’s The Movielife you’ll probably not enjoy this band all that much. But whatever, just listen to em anyway.

Vinnie Caruana fronts this east coast punk rock group. They have 3 albums and between their first two, drastically changed their sound. These guys seem to put out solid punk rock sounds. With their first album being heavy, slow, and melody driven angst songs they still knew how to appease fans of punk rock. I Took A Beating is a solid example of a fast punk song in an album of emo punk rock.

Their sophomore album, Avalanche United, took a more punk rock turn by stretching Vinnie’s vocals to their limit and turning their amps up super fucking loud. Gratitude is by far my favorite song IATA has done. It show cases exactly who they are. Vinnie’s vocals are rugged and raw (he even lets out a straight up scream, reminiscent of some powerful emotional angst), the guitars are loud, and the drums drive the song in such a heavy direction that it really accentuates the feeling and emotion of the track.

With such a jump from their self titled to Avalanche United it was excited to see what they were going to do next. Wolverines definitely didn’t disappoint. Not as groundbreaking and unique as Avalanche United it still had it’s own persona and bred some pretty rad tracks.

These guys rock. If you’ve read this far then you are probably somewhat interested. So just check ’em out.

Notable Tracks:

Gratitude, Holy Fuck, Murderous


– himynamesjeff