Here are the links to the podcasts we were talking about in the beginning of the show.

The Moth,  Modern Love, Rogue Won, Intercepted, Reveal, Missing Richard Simmons, Rebel Force, RISK

Twitch is streaming every episode of Power Rangers now through the end of March. Here’s the stream of every episode.

Lorde released a new song and video titled, “Green Light”.  The music video is below. It’s definitely a departure from her first album.


Soundgarden’s Super Unknown and Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral were released 23 years ago. Check below to listen to the albums.


If you remember we talked about the dot com jingle. Listen below to the jingles we were talking about. Especially the original William Shatner Priceline commercial.

Also, here is the Haka Dance that Justin was talking about. Check the video below.

And finally here is the music video for Maylene And The Sons Of Disasters  song ” Tough as John Jacobs”