My pick this week stemmed from another podcast I listen to and the amount of boasting they do about The Menzingers. Usually, when the hype is built up so much by someone the end result is usually dismal. But, this is not the case with the Menzingers! These dudes are way cool and throw out some really melodic punk rock songs.

Let me preface this “review” by saying I only listened to the first 2 albums. Just don’t have that kinda time to listen to everything so get off my back about it.  Maybe one day I will come back to add/subtract more when I have visited their entire discography.

Moving forward, the Menzingers are coming from Scranton, home of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. They’ve released 5 albums and have collaborate and toured with some big names in the punk rock community.

A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology is their first album and from front to back it never lets up. They take the traditional punk rock sound and add some mayhem to it. They take the ska upstrokes and intensify them and make ’em harder and crunchier. They put some emotion, other than hate, into their “slower” songs and give the album some depth. I was very pleased with this album and found myself almost instantly singing along to the melodies played adding another vocal track to their already badass dueling vocals they throw in there.


Their second album, Chamberlin Waits was released 3 years after their first. They take from their debut album in all ways except repetition. They enhance their vocals by adding more color and emotion but still staying true to their punk rock sound. The guitar leads were the stand outs for me in this album.

From what I gathered from their first 2 albums these guys are definitely something to check out. I encourage anyone reading this to at least give their first album a listen. K thx.

Notable Tracks

Home Outgrown, Alpha Kappa Fall Off A Balcony, Kate Is Great (Bouncing Souls Cover)