This weeks beer revue comes from my home kegerator. After a thorough cleaning we were ready for something comforting to help us through this crazy rain we got in SoCal. Firestone Walker’s Double Barrel Ale. A bit of interesting backstory with the Firestone name, the brewery actually stems from the same dudes who make Firestone tires! Whoa! Not that interesting, maybe.

Anyway, the beer pours golden amber colour  with a nice, clean head. I poured into a 16oz pint glass that’s not shown.


Smells given off weren’t very strong but hinted at a malty caramel. The taste was the same. Malts and caramels were the main takeaway I got from this. None of these flavours were very overpowering which makes this an everyday beer. I relate this beer to the phrase “comfort food”. See it at a bar and when it comes crunch time it’s a definite go to for any level beer drinker.

This seems to be Firestone’s flagship beer and I’d agree. It’s versatility and drinkability is definitely something that can be enjoyed by frat boys stepping up their Natty Light game to 10 year Cicerone veterans. Good stuff!

Here’s some specifics for any beer snobs reading this (I know at least one is!). DBA sports a %5 ABV and a 30 IBU count. Some hops used are Magnum, Styrian Golding, and East Kent Golding.

Final Grade

Jeff – B

Tyler -B